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The creators behind the podcast "Hand, Foot, Mouth"

Hi! Our names are Nibras Naami & Florian Babor and we work as specialists in pediatrics and adolescent medicine in Düsseldorf. In addition to our main clinical work, we are very interested in educating people. When looking for answers, you are often even more confused after doing an online search than before. On the other hand, your trusted pediatrician does not always have the time to answer all questions in sufficient detail. This is where we come in: With the podcast “Hand, Foot, Mouth” we take an informative and educational approach. Without any time pressure and in understandable words, we would like to bring you closer to important topics from pediatrics and adolescent medicine.

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Compass Pediatric Medicine: Everything parents need to know

Is it normal for a child to catch every virus from daycare? At what point does a fever become dangerous? Against which diseases should I have my child vaccinated? And why?

Doctors Florian Babor and Nibras Naami answer these and many other questions from young parents. They explain the five essential pillars of children's health and not only look at classics such as "nutrition" or "exercise". They also address topics such as the child's psyche or prevention during pregnancy. "Kompass Kindermedizin" is a comprehensive guide for everyone who wants to make it easier for their offspring to have a healthy start in life.

• Accessible, practical, well-founded – experienced pediatricians explain children’s health
• Holistic approach: five steps to a healthy child
• "An absolutely recommended reference work for all those who have and raise children" Pharmazeutische Zeitung

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The Tuki learning tower is completely tip-proof. Thanks to the height adjustability, the center of gravity remains low. In addition, the intelligent foot on the side of the Tuki provides additional security. The Tuki can hold up to 50kg and can therefore also carry adults. The Tuki has been officially tested by TÜV.

Tuki® - longest lifespan

The intelligent Tuki is height-adjustable in three levels and can therefore be used by children up to at least 8 years old. By removing the rear top bar, the Tuki serves as a regular step stool and can also be used by adults.

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The production facilities in the EU use high-quality wood from the immediate surroundings. The short journeys in production and the procurement of materials contribute to the sustainability of the Tuki.
The packaging is also sustainable: we use no plastic and only sustainable materials and creation methods.

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