How it works:

  1. Register for our Tuki® affiliate program
  2. Integrate the Tuki® assets on your Instagram
  3. Click on your Tuki® link in your Instagram
  4. You will receive a commission for every purchase made through your link

Participation in our Tuki® Affiliate Program is free of charge, risk-free and can be stopped at any time.

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How much do I earn?

For every purchase made via your link, you will receive 10% commission from sales. When you purchase a Tuki® learning tower including accessories via your link you will receive 42.70.

Of course, how much you sell depends on where, how well and how often you share your link with your community.

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Who can take part?

Anyone with at least one Instagram profile can generally participate in the Tuki® affiliate program. The number of followers doesn’t matter.

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  • Additional income

    Expect attractive compensation that will increase based on your skills as a content creator.

  • Added value for your Instagram

    You can give all of your followers a 10% voucher and earn money yourself. A real win-win situation.

  • Maximum flexibility

    You say where to go. You do the promotion when it fits into your editorial plan.

  • This is what we offer you

    • Discounts: You will receive a 10% discount from us, which you can pass on to your community.
    • Additional income: You will receive a monthly payment of your commission from us based on the sales achieved.
    • Promo material: We support you with the promotion and are happy to provide you with good image and video material if you don't have it yourself.
  • This is what you bring with you

    • Interest and connection to the Tuki® learning tower and the associated products.
    • Talent in content creation and joy in promoting products to your own community.
    • Ideally, you already have a Tuki® learning tower at home.