"The design fits perfectly" - Yana and Stijn

My boyfriend Stijn (30) and I, Yana (28), recently became parents of our first child, Leon. Leon is a happy little man and knows exactly what he wants. Sitting still is not part of his vocabulary. He is very curious and therefore regularly comes into the kitchen when we are cooking.


What was your first impression of the Tuki Learning Tower?
The learning tower looks very stable and has a stylish finish. The design fits perfectly into our kitchen!

How is the Tuki learning tower used? Does it meet expectations?
Absolutely! The learning tower makes it possible to participate in the kitchen in a safe way.

What are the biggest advantages of the Tuki learning tower for you?
A learning tower is the perfect tool to let your child help safely in the kitchen and let their curiosity run wild. The learning tower is height adjustable and is therefore ideal for different age groups. I read that this learning tower can be used up to 8 years old. Very durable 😄 Since Leon is still small, we got a safety cover. This provides even more safety for small children.

Why would you recommend it to other mothers?
A learning tower is great for a toddler/young child. They can easily climb up and down on it. Your child can actively participate in daily activities. It also promotes independence and stimulates motor skills in various areas. A new world really opens up for your child and that is nice to see! After all, it is not always easy to cook with children in the house. The learning tower is also practical for washing hands (for Leon, he is still playing with water 😉 ). I also find the learning tower very practical in the bathroom for brushing teeth.

Source: Onder Mama's

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