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Let your toddler discover new heights and relax while doing so.

Your little darling's curiosity and spirit of discovery is suddenly unbroken. In everyday life you usually only have two hands and arms available. Especially if your child wants to join in, this will be a creative or even strenuous masterpiece for you. That's why the "Tuki" learning tower provides you and your child with a clever solution in everyday life.

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Discover the world on your own:

Children want to discover the world on their own. However, table tops, work surfaces in the kitchen or the view from the window remain out of reach for them for a long time.

With the Tuki learning tower, discovering together is easier for young and old. The Tuki learning tower promotes and supports the youngest children's spirit of play and discovery - on an equal footing with adults.

This means Amelie can conjure up her cupcakes in the kitchen, and Jan can conquer the waters as a pirate in the living room

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Made with love and from the heart ❤️

With the Tuki we combine the highest quality and functionality. Thanks to the simple and aesthetic Swiss design, the Tuki fits perfectly into any home and can be used for a decade.

  • Sustainable AZ

    The Tuki is sustainably manufactured in the EU from the highest quality local wood.

  • Grows with you

    Thanks to the height adjustability and the additional Tuki discovery cloth, it can be used for a decade.

  • Swiss design

    The minimalist Swiss design with its ergonomic and edge-free shapes fits the Tuki aesthetically into any home.

  • Maximum stability

    The Tuki is officially tested. It is absolutely tip-proof in all directions and can be used up to 8 years old.

Tuki – Developed by two young Swiss entrepreneurs

Thanks to Dominic's little sister Aline, the two came up with the idea of ​​developing a learning tower for them. The little “miracle nose” always wanted to see everything, be there wherever her big brother was and be part of what was happening. The idea probably came about to lighten the load on herself, because the bigger the girl got, the more weight she had to lift

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Experten empfehlen Tuki®

  • Dr. med. Nibras Naami

    Der hochwertige Lernturm von Tuki® fördert nicht nur die motorische Entwicklung des Kindes. Besonders im Bereich der Ernährungsbildung leistet der Turm einen wertvollen pädagogischen Beitrag, indem er Kindern frühstmöglich eine aktive Teilhabe im Ernährungsalltag der Familie erhalten. Von früh an können Eltern ihr Kind so in das Zubereiten frischer Mahlzeiten involvieren und spielerisch beibringen, was eine gesunde Ernährung ausmacht. Die perfekte Kombination aus Spaß und Gesundheitsförderung.

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