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Tuki® Learning Tower

Discover the world together with your little darling.

CHF299.00 (inkl. MwSt.)

Delivery Time: 1-3 business days.

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Swiss Design

RedDot Winner 2022

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We are 100% sure that you will love the Tuki.
Product Details
  • Material: Local High Quality Wood Veneers.
  • Dimensions : W50 x L43 x H90 cm
  • Stand heights: 50cm | 40cm | 30cm
  • Weight: 10kg
  • Load: up to 50kg
  • Optimal use: from 1-8 years

Over 6’000 enthusiastic explorers

“With the Tuki learning tower, our son (18 months old) is fully involved in cooking and tasting.”

“We are thrilled with the Tuki learning tower. Our daughter can stand well and participate well in various activities thanks to the Tuki.”

“We were very pleased with the ordering process and the fast delivery. The high-quality and very classy packaging does not disappoint also the content is top. Nothing warped everything as it must and a foolproof assembly even without instructions. Our son loves his Tuki hot.”

“Marino got the Tuki as a present from the family for his first birthday. He thinks it’s great! He can be there when mommy and daddy are working in the kitchen. The Tuki makes our lives easier every day.”

“Super easy to assemble, flexible in size adjustment, really stable and our son can climb in and up himself as often as he wants. And it’s stylish too! We could not imagine life without the Tuki learning tower.”

“We think the Tuki learning tower is great! With it my daughter and I can safely prepare food together, bake, decorate and much more.”

“I received the Tuki last week and just wanted to let you know that we are thrilled. A really great product and highly recommended!!! He will certainly give us pleasure for a long time.”

“E: Great product and great customer service! Given the urgency of the order, we were offered free next day delivery and the tower was already assembled for us. Can highly recommend it!
“Irina Stadnik””

“We want to inspire young and old alike. For us, two resourceful young Swiss entrepreneurs, short distances and loyal social partners make a strong contribution to sustainability.”

Reddot Winning Swiss Design by Stefan Westmeyer

Tuki was created in collaboration with the designer Stefan Westmeyer from Central Switzerland. Dominic and Simon were able to incorporate all the experience gained with the previous model and feedback from customers and partners into the design. The design of the Tuki is ergonomic, child-friendly and aesthetic – the Tuki fits into every home.

Long life span

The intelligent Tuki is height adjustable in three steps and can therefore be used by children up to at least 8 years old. By removing the rear upper bar, the Tuki serves as a normal step stool and can also be used by adults.


Tuki – The safe learning tower

The Tuki learning tower is completely tilt-proof. Thanks to the height adjustability, the center of gravity remains low. In addition, the intelligent foot on the side of the Tuki gives additional safety. The Tuki can be loaded up to 50kg and therefore also carries adults. The Tuki is officially tested by TÜV.

Tuki – sustainably produced in the EU from A – Z.

The production facilities in the EU use high quality wood from the immediate surroundings. The short travel distances in production and sourcing of materials contribute to the sustainability of the Tuki. Even the packaging is sustainable: we use no plastic and only sustainable materials and manufacturing methods.


Tuki – Developed by two young Swiss entrepreneurs

Thanks to Dominic’s little sister Aline, the two of them came up with the idea of developing a learning tower for her. The little “wonder nose” always wanted to see everything, to be there wherever her big brother was and to be part of the action. The idea probably also came about to relieve themselves, because the bigger the girl got, the more weight there was to lift.

You can add a cloth

CHF79.00 (inkl. MwSt.)


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