Jan conquers the big waters

Do you know that when your living room is conquered? No? Jan, the "eye patch pirate", shows you how it works

Jan couldn't have imagined a better setting than right in the action to proudly show off his pirate saber skills. The many colorful fish and plants in the water of the aquarium inspire his wildest pirate dreams. He has waited all too long to finally win a sea battle or plunder distant islands as an "eyepatch pirate." But how to discover distant islands or keep a lookout for enemies if they can't be spotted? Finally Jan can set sail with his pirate ship. He climbs onto the lookout of the Tuki Learning Tower and keeps a lookout for a small island that hides a mysterious treasure. Soon Jan spots the island in the distance and steers his pirate ship straight towards it. He can hardly wait to find the treasure! Once there, Jan climbs down from his lookout and storms onto the island ? well, your sofa, where you might be comfortably playing cards with Jan's siblings? The chaos is perfect! A small commotion, cards and pillows in the air and Jan with the treasure already in hand, like lightning back to his pirate ship. Climbing back onto his lookout, Jan cheers his crew on to return home. Fortunately, he has the overview and knows the way back. After all this excitement, he is sure to get attention as an "eye patch pirate" from mom, dad and siblings.

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