Is shipping to the EU free?

Since we ship from our German warehouse, the delivery to the EU is completely free of charge and duty-free. For our customers there are no further costs after the order. 

Our tuki is wobbling. What can we do?

This is usually due to an uneven floor. The first step should be to position the tuki in the desired location in the house. After that, all the screws are loosened a little and tightened again under the load of the two side parts. This should fix the problem in most cases. If this does not work, feel free to contact us.

For whom is the Tuki suitable?

The Tuki is suitable for toddlers as soon as they can stand and walk safely and independently. After that, the Tuki can be used up to an age of at least 8 years by removing the rear cross brace.

Is the safety of the Tuki tested?

The Tuki has been officially tested by TÜV SÜD.

Up to what weight can the Tuki be loaded?

The Tuki can be loaded up to a weight of 100 kg without any problems.

Where can I find my Tuki's serial number?

The serial number can be found on the top left of the security sticker located on the stabilizer board. 

How many degrees can I wash my Tuki discovery cloth?

The Tuki discovery cloth can be washed up to 60 °, but is not suitable for tumble dryer. 

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