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Young entrepreneurs behind the Tuki learning tower

We want to awaken the spirit of discovery in young children and think nothing is more beautiful than happy explorers.


Dominic and Simon =


mimodo AG stands for young entrepreneurship and a lot of drive to make the world a little better. More precisely, for Dominic Ill and Simon Thut. The two young entrepreneurs have been close friends since their early childhood and decided early on to build a company together.

“We are enthusiastic about the children’s spirit of discovery and their joy in the Tuki learning tower!”

Dominic and Simon

The Team


Simon Thut

“My grandfather, an electrical engineer, awakened the spirit of discovery in me by working with me on model airplanes, computers, and spaceships. Through the Tuki Learning Tower, I want to awaken an inventive spirit in all little explorers that will last a lifetime.”


Dominic ILL

“Since I was born, I was a little wonder nose. I wanted to learn everything about the world and be involved everywhere. My curiosity often had no limits. With the Tuki Learning Tower, I want to give all wonder noses the opportunity to discover the world on their own and inspire small and big.”


Thanks to Dominic’s little sister Aline, the two of them came up with the idea of developing a learning tower for her. The little “wonder nose” always wanted to see everything, to be there wherever her big brother was and to be part of the action. The idea probably also came about to relieve themselves, because the bigger the girl got, the more weight there was to lift. So the two resourceful young entrepreneurs Dominic and Simon retreated to their parents’ garage to build a learning tower for Aline. The first copies were still made from purchased elements and were bulky and heavy for shipping.

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