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The Tuki makes our daughter (15 months) a lot of fun and is also a great help for us parents. Our daughter is always very curious when we are cooking and always wanted to be lifted up. Now she can climb up herself, watch and already help a bit. The workmanship is qualitatively and visually super. Also in terms of safety (risk of tipping / falling down), the product is properly designed. Since I am not untalented in craftsmanship and also always a little critical and willing to improve on products available on the market, I had planned to make a learning tower myself. When I saw your product, it was immediately clear to me that it is not worth it to stand in the workshop, because you have already developed exactly the right thing.

Marino got the Tuki as a present from the family for his first birthday. He thinks it's great! He can be there when mommy and daddy are working in the kitchen. The Tuki makes our lives easier every day.

Super easy to assemble, flexible in size adjustment, really stable and our son can climb in and up himself as often as he wants. And it's stylish too! We could not imagine life without the Tuki learning tower.

We think the Tuki learning tower is great! With it, my daughter and I can safely prepare food together, bake, decorate, ?snort? and much more.

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