Amelie is the cupcake enchantress

When the kitchen becomes a magic land ? The great sorceress Amelie knows how to enchant her cupcakes in the kitchen.


Amelie can hardly believe it! She squeals with delight and her eyes sparkle. With rapture she picks with her fingers here a little sugar star, there a cherry and here these colorful sprinkles that trickle so great through the fingers! How long has Amelie been nagging between her mom and dad's legs to finally know what's happening up there in the kitchen. She wants to be there and join in when it rattles, bubbles and smells up there! Just watching is not enough for her. She is all the more curious since Amelie can climb in and out of the Tuki Learning Tower on her own. What fun it gives her to cook together with mommy and daddy, to get an overview of the kitchen, to stir in pots herself, and especially to decorate cupcakes. In the process, Amelie not only enchants these wonderful cupcakes with her glittering magic wand. She is so good at conjuring that a cupcake decoration always disappears in her mouth. After all, as a magician, you have to know what magic tastes like! And every now and then she casts a spell on herself, which is sure to bring a smile to mom and dad's faces.

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