Tuki - the learning tower for little explorers

Children want to discover the world on their own. Table tops, work surfaces in the kitchen or the view from the window remain inaccessible for a long time.

With the Tuki learning tower, discovering things together is easier for young and old. The Tuki learning tower promotes and supports the playful and discovery spirit of the youngest - at eye level with the adults.

So can Amelie conjure up their cupcakes in the kitchen, and Jan Conquer the waters as a pirate in the living room. 

Tuki learning tower - in action

Versatile in use.
There are (almost) no limits to the imagination:

  • At the kitchen counter for stirring, seasoning, baking cupcakes, rolling out Christmas güetzli dough and much more
  • In the living room as a pirate ship, observation tower, control tower, construction crane, Rapunzel tower, piano chair, conductor's desk
  • At the dining table while doing handicrafts as a workbench, launch pad, pin board
  • On the window front as a remote spy, secret agent, detective, Robin Hood, ornithologist
  • In the bathroom by the washbasin while brushing your teeth, washing your hands or sinking your Schiffli

Customer reviews

With the Tuki learning tower, our son (18 months old) is fully involved in cooking and tasting.

We are enthusiastic about the Tuki learning tower. Our daughter can stand up well and, thanks to the tuki, take part in various activities.

We were very satisfied with the ordering process and the fast delivery. The high-quality and very elegant packaging does not disappoint, and the content is also great. Nothing warped everything as it should and it was easy to assemble, even without instructions. Our son loves his tuki hot.

Tuki promotes and supports the game
and the spirit of discovery of toddlers. Tuki- at eye level with the adults

«Tuki» -
Promote cleverly

The curiosity and the spirit of discovery of your little treasure is suddenly unbroken. In everyday life you usually only have two hands and arms at your disposal. Especially when your child wants to participate, such as B. When cooking, baking, washing your hands or brushing your teeth, this will be a creative or even strenuous masterpiece for you. 

That is why the “Tuki” learning tower provides you and your child with clever remedies in everyday life.

Precisely because the "Tuki" learning tower ...

... promotes independence and the spirit of discovery in your child.

... makes everyday life easier for grown-ups.

... enables your child to be at eye level

... lets your little one safely participate in your activities.

... can be used in a variety of ways in the household.

Thanks to the height adjustability, toddlers from one to four years of age can participate in daily life at eye level with the grown-ups. The children can easily get in and out of the “Tuki” learning tower on their own. The struts on all four sides protect against falling. Thanks to sliders on the baseboards, the “Tuki” learning tower can be easily moved to other rooms.

Tuki learning tower - intelligent design

The "Tuki" learning tower was created in close collaboration with the renowned Swiss designer Stefan Westmeyer, Simon and Dominic. The work of the designer is characterized by innovation, high functionality and aesthetic design. These are also the principles that give the "Tuki" learning tower its appearance. The “Tuki” learning tower was also tested, of course: Stefan Westmeyer's children and friends between the ages of 9 months and 6 years of age enthusiastically played through all the options for using the “Tuki” learning tower. The experience gained from this was integrated into the design. The result was an intelligent product that, thanks to the height adjustment in three stages, grows with the children and encourages their spirit of discovery.

«We want to inspire young and old. For us two resourceful young Swiss entrepreneurs, short distances and loyal social partners make a major contribution to sustainability. "

Sustainable material

Sicherheit, Stabilität und Design bilden die Grundpfeiler des «Tuki» Lernturm. Deshalb eignet sich Buchenholz aufgrund seiner dauerhaften Struktur besonders gut für Kindermöbel. Das aus nachhaltiger Waldbewirtschaftung stammende Buchenholz aus einem Wald nahe der Produktionsstätte trägt das PEFC-Label. Die PEFC-Zertifizierung wurde 1999 von europäischen Unternehmen der Holzbranche initiiert und gewährleistet, dass Produkte aus Wäldern stammen, die ökonomischen, ökologischen, sozialen und ethischen Standards entsprechen.

Fair production

The Tuki learning tower is made in France in Champagne. The producer Régnier is only 240 km from the Swiss border. The short journeys to Switzerland contribute to the sustainability of the Tuki learning tower.

Our producer is involved in research and development in the field of recycling and supports children from all walks of life in order to enable them to have a successful future.  

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