Conditions of participation for competitions

The competition is carried out by mimodo ag - owner of the Tuki® brand - hereinafter referred to as the “organizer”.

It is possible that co-organizers, hereinafter referred to as “co-organizers,” are involved in this competition. The co-organizer can - but does not have to - be visible on the competition participation page.

Participation requirements

1. The person participating must be at least 18 years old and reside in Switzerland, a country of the European Union or the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (UK).

2. Participation in this competition is free.

3. Personal information such as location, age or proof of identity may be required as a condition of participation.

4. Each person participating may only take part in the competition once.

5. If the person participating is associated with mimodo ag or any partner companies that act as co-sponsors of the competition, they are excluded from participation. This particularly applies to the ownership and employees of the aforementioned parties as well as their family members in the same household.

6. Conducting or participating in competitions may not be permitted in certain countries. This competition is expressly not taking place in these countries and residents are not eligible to participate.

Participation instructions

7. To participate, the form provided on the competition page must be completely filled out. Participation does not oblige you to purchase.

8. By participating, you confirm that all information has been provided personally by you. The person participating is responsible for ensuring that their information does not violate the rights of other parties.

9. If we do not receive your entry for any reason, you agree not to take any legal action against us.

Prize of the competition

10. The prize for the winning person is one (1) Tuki Learning Tower. The color is specified by the organizer.

11. Cash payment of the prize is excluded. This also applies to a partial payment as a result of services not being used or not received. The prize cannot be transferred to third parties or refunded. This applies in particular if the product is damaged or will be damaged in the future.

12. If there are any additional costs for the delivery of the prize beyond the actual prize (e.g. customs costs, delivery costs for redelivery, taxes for winnings in your country, etc.), you confirm that you will bear these costs by participating.

13. The prize must have been accepted by the winning person within 14 days at the latest. Otherwise, the organizer is free to raffle the prize again among the participating people.

Selection process for winners

14. One (1) winner will be selected at random from all entries received. The winner will be contacted by email. The respective email from the participation is used.

15. If the winning person does not respond to the prize notification email within 72 hours and accept the prize, the organizer may conduct another random draw.

16. If the prize is accepted, the organizer is entitled to publish the winning person's first and last name on the website, in its own newsletter or on social media for promotional purposes.

17. The participants agreed that the organizer, all persons acting on behalf of the organizer,
Promoter or its respective licensees, successors and assigns have the worldwide irrevocable right to use the name, portrait, voice, likeness or information about the participants for advertising purposes without any further compensation being claimed.

Processing of personal data

18. The data provided by participants will be processed in accordance with our data protection regulations and applicable laws.

19. By taking part in the competition, the person taking part automatically agrees to receive all types of emails from the organizer - a so-called opt-in. This opt-in can be revoked at any time via a link in the respective email or in writing by email.

20. The person taking part agrees that their data from participating in the competition will (can) be shared with all co-organizers, provided that the organizer can assume that the shared data will be processed carefully and in accordance with current laws. The organizer cannot be held liable for violations of the data protection law by co-organizers. This expressly applies even if the violation of the data protection law was caused by data provided by the organizer.

21. The transfer of data to uninvolved third parties as part of the competition is excluded.

Dispute resolution​​​​​​​

These terms and conditions of participation are subject to Swiss law. The court location is Zurich, Switzerland.