Our employee offer

Tuki® White learning tower for only 120.- instead of 299.-

As a sales employee in a specialist store with Tuki® learning towers, you must know the product. That's why we offer you the Tuki® White learning tower for only 120 instead of 299. Includes shipping to your home!

  • Step 1:

    Fill out the form below so that we can verify that you work as an employee at a specialty store.

  • Step 2:

    We will send you a voucher code by email with which you can buy a Tuki® White learning tower for only EUR 120 / CHF 120 on www.tuki.ch.

  • Step 3:

    Your Tuki® White learning tower will be at your home in just 3 - 4 days and in just a few simple steps it will be ready for use in your four walls.

The special thing about the Tuki® learning tower:

Tuki® - the safest learning tower

The Tuki learning tower is completely tip-proof. Thanks to the height adjustability, the center of gravity remains low. In addition, the intelligent foot on the side of the Tuki provides additional security. The Tuki can hold up to 50kg and can therefore also carry adults. The Tuki has been officially tested by TÜV.

Tuki® - longest lifespan

The intelligent Tuki is height-adjustable in three levels and can therefore be used by children up to at least 8 years old. By removing the rear top bar, the Tuki serves as a regular step stool and can also be used by adults.

Tuki® - sustainable from AZ

The production facilities in the EU use high-quality wood from the immediate surroundings. The short journeys in production and the procurement of materials contribute to the sustainability of the Tuki.
The packaging is also sustainable: we use no plastic and only sustainable materials and creation methods.

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