1. Scope

The following rental conditions apply to all orders for rental items via our online shop. Our online shop is aimed exclusively at consumers.

2. Rental period and termination

2.1 Rental period
Contracts are concluded for a specific term. The rental period starts on the desired delivery date. There is expressly no automatic extension of the term.

2.2 Termination
The contractual relationship ends automatically after the defined term has expired. No early termination is possible. A premature return of the product leads to the end of the entitlement to benefits, but not to termination. In this case, there is no claim for reimbursement from the tenant.

2.3 Extraordinary termination

Both contracting parties have the right to terminate the rental agreement without notice if there is a significant breach of the contractual obligations, so that the continuation of the rental agreement becomes unreasonable for the other party.

An important reason for termination for mimodo ag exists in particular (but not exclusively) if:

  • the customer has not paid for the services in full before the start of the rental period
  • Seizures are carried out against the customer,
  • The customer is insolvent, imminently insolvent or over-indebted within the meaning of the insolvency regulations, or
  • the customer uses the rental item in a manner contrary to the contract despite a warning from mimodo ag

3. Prices, shipping and packaging

3.1 Rental and purchase prices
The rental prices and purchase prices are set by mimodo ag and published on www.tuki.ch. The rental price set at the time of the order applies to the rental agreement.

mimodo ag reserves the right to adjust prices and communicates this to customers by email. The agreed conditions apply for the agreed term or until the next possible termination date.

3.1.1 Additional Prizes
There are no additional fees for the customer.

3.2 Shipping
After ordering and completion, the desired products will be shipped at the agreed delivery time. mimodo ag endeavors to deliver the products on the delivery date requested by the tenant.

3.3 Packaging
mimodo ag chooses the type of packaging. The tenant must use the same packaging for returns.

4. Payment

4.1 Payment options
mimodo ag offers various payment options in the online shop.

4.2 Payment Frequency
The entire term is due for payment before the start of the rental period. mimodo ag does not offer payment in installments.

5. Condition, quality control and defects

5.1 Condition of the products
The rental items are brand new, as good as new or in used condition. What is important is whether proper and intended use is guaranteed.

5.2 Quality control and defects
Before shipping, all products are tested and serviced if necessary. The tenant agrees to carry out an inspection immediately upon receipt on their own responsibility and to report any defects by email to info@tuki.ch within a maximum of 96 hours. Unless the tenant receives a complaint about defects within the specified period, the delivered goods are deemed to be flawless.

The burden of proof of defects at the time of delivery lies with the tenant.

6. General obligations of tenants

6.1 Use and Care
The tenant agrees to treat the rented products with care. To do this, the operating and care instructions published by the manufacturer must be taken into account.

6.2 Warranty
mimodo ag guarantees to provide a functional rental item. Products that have already been used may have slight visual defects that do not affect their use. There is no entitlement to a new product. If the operating and care instructions are not taken into account by the tenant, any warranty will be void. This also applies if defects or defects are due to improper use, storage and handling of the products by the tenant. Insignificant deviations from the guaranteed properties of the products do not trigger any warranty rights. Liability for normal wear and tear is excluded. Warranty claims against mimodo ag are only available to the direct tenant and cannot be assigned.

9.3 Improper handling and non-compliance with the instructions
If, after returning the products, it is determined that points 9.1 and 9.2 have not been adhered to, mimodo ag reserves the right to either charge the monetary value or, at its own discretion, a flat rate fee - amounting to a maximum of 100% of the effective monetary value of the rental item Invoice for repairs.

Examples of improper handling and non-compliance with the instructions may include:

  • Unusually severe damage to the wood
  • Burn holes in fabric materials
  • Fading or stains caused by the use of incorrect cleaning products

This list is not exhaustive.

7. Damage, Theft and Loss

7.1 Cases of damage, theft and loss
If any damage or loss occurs, the tenant undertakes to immediately report this to mimodo ag in writing. Liability for falls, vandalism, natural influences, manipulation, effects from transport as well as improper or unintended use lies with the tenant. The resulting costs will be charged to the customer. The tenant is also liable if the property is handed over to third parties.

In the event of theft or loss of products or accessories during the rental period, the tenant is liable. mimodo ag reserves the right to charge the new value of the products in the event of theft or loss.

7.2 Spare parts

If the rental item is defective despite proper handling during the rental period, mimodo ag will provide replacement parts.

8. Returns

The tenant will be informed of the return address no later than 7 days before the end of the agreed rental period. The return address depends on where the tenant lives, either in Germany or Switzerland. The rental item must have arrived at the return address provided by mimodo ag no later than 7 days after the end of the agreed rental period. The costs of return must be borne by the tenant.

For returns that arrive later than 7 days after the end of the rental period, mimodo ag charges a flat rate of CHF 25 or EUR 25 for each additional day. The maximum flat rate for expenses is CHF 300 or EUR 300.

The rental item must be cleaned and in the packaging according to point 3.3. If this is no longer possible (e.g. loss of packaging), the customer is obliged to procure new, equivalent, neutral packaging. A cleaning fee of up to CHF 40 / EUR 40 may be charged for uncleaned items.

9. Ownership

The products remain the sole property of mimodo ag at all times.

10. Right of withdrawal

If the customer's products do not meet their requirements, they have the right to terminate the contract with mimodo ag on the next possible termination date.

Our general terms and conditions continue to apply.