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Gift Card to print at home

Gift Card to print at home

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With this offer you could make your favorite people really happy. Thanks to the diverse configuration options of Tuki products, you can find the right design for every taste.

Details about the product

Practical voucher to print out yourself at home.

  • Choose from different voucher amounts
  • Language independent design
  • Can be used for all Tuki products on
  • Ready to print immediately after ordering

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Free shipping within 15 minutes of completing your order via email.

No returns or exchanges possible.

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Reddot Winning Swiss Design by Stefan Westmeyer

Tuki was created in collaboration with the central Swiss designer Stefan Westmeyer. Dominic and Simon were able to incorporate all their experience with the previous model and feedback from customers and partners into the design. The design of the Tuki is ergonomic, child-friendly and aesthetic - the Tuki fits into every home.

Tuki – Long lifespan

The intelligent Tuki is height-adjustable in three levels and can therefore be used by children up to at least 8 years old. By removing the rear top bar, the Tuki serves as a regular step stool and can also be used by adults.

Tuki – The safest learning tower

The Tuki learning tower is completely tip-proof. Thanks to the height adjustability, the center of gravity remains low. In addition, the intelligent foot on the side of the Tuki provides additional security. The Tuki can hold up to 50kg and can therefore also carry adults. The Tuki has been officially tested by TÜV.

Tuki – produced sustainably in the EU from A – Z

The production facilities in the EU use high-quality wood from the immediate surroundings. The short journeys in production and the procurement of materials contribute to the sustainability of the Tuki.
The packaging is also sustainable: we use no plastic and only sustainable materials and production methods

Tuki – Developed by two young Swiss entrepreneurs

Thanks to Dominic's little sister Aline, the two came up with the idea of ​​developing a learning tower for them. The little “miracle nose” always wanted to see everything, be there wherever her big brother was and be part of what was happening. The idea probably came about to lighten the load on herself, because the bigger the girl got, the more weight she had to lift.

Getting to know the boys